Monday, December 20, 2004

v. quick update:

i am "on vacation" until january 17

so i want to see a lot of you.

there is a wonderful man in my life named dave- long story, don't feel like getting in to it, don't feel like dealing with any possibly judgement or hurting anyone- but will talk about it if asked, gladly!

dave is leaving for training and then for iraq on january 4th.

would love for people to come to pitt. new years day!

off to lunch with mum-

but looking forward to some calls on the cell piece from you! yes- you!

hope this Christmas season is a reminder of the blessing that waiting can be- how much more joyful can we be as we actively wait for the return of the one who we celebrate the birth of? waiting is active, you know. thank God we can wait together!


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