Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i get to go to PITTSBURGH tonight!!!!!!!!!!

(am just a little excited)

although, before i go, i should probably memorize my lines for rehearsal tomorrow. that might help in the whole getting paid process- doing my job.

but almost all the funriture will be taken away from my apartment bu the end of the day thursday. moving is weird.

do i want to start my teacher's licensure in january? i wonder if i'll even have enough money by then. and then, come next august, i know i'll want to move back to pittsbugh. and then, next may or june (2007) id like to plan a big event. i dont know, i dont know, i dont know.

and ihave no idea who posted a comment on my last post. i didnt even think anyone read this, so maybe i should edit mystlf more.

i usually just end up sending melancholy and depressing because i vent on here so much. it's like my happy little virtual friend *pet pet*.

now to do laundry so i can make sure that i have some kind of "cute outfit" with which to impress the youth pastor.

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