Monday, September 24, 2007

So many months go by between posts...

Lately I've been ruminating on so many different things (did I actually just use the word "ruminating"? Seriously). Anyhow...

For all of the people who ask "So how is married life?" - It's good. It's a fantastic adventure where you learn to play house with your best friend, and learn more about who you are and who you can become - and who you can learn to better love. It's good. You get to watch the weather channel and plan your day together. You get to do a whole lot of things that you don't get to do when you aren't married. It's good.

I've been obsessing a little over the (how was it in Mass Media?) Culture of Cool - the inexplicable desire that America's [pop culture] society publicizes to be necessary. It seems to me that more and more - the people who are denying or antagonizing the idolatry of this kind of "Cool" have created one of their own...

There is this sect of media, of people, that seems to be ever-growing, and it shouts to "be different! be you! be unique!" but in all of this "uniqueness" it seems to become the norm, the expected, the elevated, the sought after dream. So "cool" has come sooner in the pipeline of grassroots marketing. It seems to beg for approval from friends and/or peers, to tangle lies and hopes in one whisper of self-worth. It seems to make you lose yourself. I guess - I don't think the "merchants of cool" are merely merchants anymore - but more like whores to the pimps that are selling their products to be "cool" - to make money, to gain fame. To lose themselves. And I just used pimps and ho's as a metaphor. Oh the day is going just dandy :)

How does hindsight become so clear? And how do you let go of things that hurt you but that you have learned greatly from already? If things or people that happened in your life still hurt, does it mean you have more to learn from the experience itself, or does it mean that you don't know how to let go?

I know Pittsburgh isn't considered a "real" city by many - and we don't live dahntahn (downtown to those of you who don't speak the regional dialect) but we like it here. Does that mean we will stay here forever and ever? Not sure yet. But trying to relish (just like Heinz) the here and now.


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