Tuesday, April 15, 2008

isn't it funny that April Fool's Day is right before Taxes are Due day?

amazingly had taxes done ahead of time this year (after last year's mad rush, forgetting about them until April 11th) so no funny business here...

been having the strangest vivid dreams as of late.

finished Season 3 of LOST - now just "have to" watch the few episodes of Season 4 that aired before the writer's strike to catch up before new episodes start to air oh so soon (thank the Lord that the writer's were recognized although not nearly enough and it took way too long for it to happen!).

so excited for this semester to be over soon - 2 full time jobs and full time school do not make for lots of free quality time especially with different work schedules. just a few more weeks!

excited to celebrate our 1 year (i know, it's fantastic - can i say how much i love hearing people tell us that we are still in the honeymoon phase?).

boy can people get pessimistic about marriage...it's almost as great as hearing people tell my husband that they oppose the war...i almost want to tell start responding to people "oh, i support you 150% but i totally and completely disagree with what you have done and what you are doing". but i never will. chalk that up to one more thing i will think about and not say because i am too worried about being polite and not causing waves.

i've fallen in to that old rut of using sarcasm as a tool to escape meaningful communication, as my day has turned in to snippets of idle small chat interspersed with the ringing of the phone...never any extended time for any meaningful conversation. there are only so many times you can ask, listen, and answer the question "how are you?" (it doesn't just happen awkwardly at events where i haven't seen people for so long...i relish those events because i thoroughly enjoy throwing the standard answers out the window and engaging in some meaningful conversation whenever someone else is willing).

so, via cyberspace, i'd love to know...

how are you?

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