Wednesday, March 03, 2004

i leave for ireland in less than 48 hours. nothing else matters to me at this point. i know i should be working my tail off for homework, but i just want to get on that plane and be across the ocean for spring break and have a grande time serving and learning with the team. i cannot even begin to explain how excited i much i can't even believe that i, kristy o., am going to be in ireland in less than three days!!! i girlie squeal couldn't near cover it...for real, yo.

i like brian. a lot. even when i am having a spacey day and i'm completely out of it, i smile just getting to sit with him for a few minutes. sometimes i can't stand the girliness that comes out of, what the crap is all this sighing and dreaminess? am i actually swooning? you've got to be kidding me...because, my vision of who i am does *not* do that.

okay, i am going to try to do homework. and laundry. and packing. yeah.

dialogue is interesting. ever just listen to people? how much you can tell just by more than *just* the words, too.

okay, ireland, here i come.


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