Saturday, September 18, 2004

still love my job...

monique and i get along pretty well, so that's a lot of fun (i imagine that if the two girls on tour didn't get along that it might be a little bit more difficult...)

we had our first performance. it went pretty darn well...and i got to hang out with K-3 for a while during their lunch time. eating lunch with kindergardeners puts a new perspective on life.

i look forward to a tuesday performance where i get to be the goth character that i love and make the seas of students part when i walk between them all.

other than that, it's been rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal, run show, lunch, line through, run different show, get notes, do non-performance duties, go find props and costumes, eat dinner, work on lines, go to sleep, get up, and go again. it's fantastic!

yesterday, i was stuck at work until 7 pm because so many roads were flooded in pitty.

today, my parent's renew their wedding vows in honor of their 25th year of marriage.

tonight, i get to see the 24 hour theater festival at malone.

tomorrow? well, i'll see about that when i get there.

God finds our desires and passions not too strong, but too weak....

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