Sunday, September 19, 2004

i believe God is found in the details. He is the big picture and he is within every detail.

even under a bottle cap.

great message and encouragement as well as something of admonishment for me personally from jared at church today....

reminding me

-that Jesus noticed, even as he was mauled by many, how one woman touched his robe

-that the God who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords came for all who would choose to enter in to his family

-that he loves me where i am, in the details, in the little things, as i am a little thing, a tiny magnificant creation that is his Beloved

-that family is not by blood, but by those who choose to enter in to community with you (and with Him) [okay, this one is more of a personal insight, but it came about from listening to mark ch. 3 and reading matthew 5 today]

may you find God in the majestic miniscule details of your day


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Anonymous said...

Amen. In a similar situation I once cut my hand and thought of the verse which says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. May you never lose sight of the mighty God's working through the smallest things to touch our seemingly insignificant lives due to His love for us as individuals.