Tuesday, October 05, 2004

work's still going awesome. and i'm still tired (still, nothing new there!!!)

we started tackling a new script- all within it handling shakespeare, suicide, mental health issues, eating disorders, and relationships. it's not easy.

i miss a lot of people from canton. i still miss the community. but i am learning to live by myself. no- i'm not an island. i've never wanted to be one. but, the more i perpetuate "alone time" the easier i find it is to become an island. i'm plugging in to stuff at church. i'm reading a lot. i'm trying to find room to breathe. i'm trying to rely on God more. i guess, it's the trying that moves me from one moment to the next. and that's a good thing. because then, i can only be in that one moment.

i keep trying to hold on to the future. it kind of screws up the present when i do that. so, i'm working on it.

i've got a whole lot to give, and a whole lot i'm afraid to give. so, the fears are getting driven out more and more. i like that.

i like honest.

"truth is beauty, beauty- truth"


Redbaerd said...

i always feel stuck between that

STAY IN THE MOMENT stuff i learned as an actor -- and the --

corner of the eye turned toward the future --

that gives us hope and reminds us of some direction...

its wierd not to have you pop by the office these days...i'm starting to feel the absence of your class the longer i wait and you don't ever seem to be plopping into the (new) yellow chair...

ThreeGraces said...

Thanks for the call tonight! I love talking to you! I was a little "out of it," hope you didn't mind or notice that much. I got home at 2:00 a.m. from the tournament and then had a full day today... anyway, miss you!