Saturday, October 23, 2004

So, I still miss a lot of people. But, to all who sent e-cards and sang me songs on my voicemail, I do appreciate it!

That Kelly Clarkson song, "Break Away" is stuck in my head. It has been for, about- two weeks now? But I won't go buy it because it's on the Princess Diaries 2 soundtrack. I am refusing that (even though I did just buy the soundtrack from "Garden State" and I would highly recommend that purchase).

I am choosing to relish every moment of liminal space that I am right now. There's this fluxation in my life between what is petty and what is not and who I am because of what I do and how I look at myself, my relationships, my self-worth...this transition from one stage in life as I grow in to where I am now. And it's still very stretching, but very good and painful. I guess, like this play that a friend of mine wrote last year, I will bottle up my tears.

Okay, that sounds so depressing. I am not just sitting around "Pitty" crying. I am having a great time. I have found an awesome church and am beginning to get involved there. I've started really exploring different areas of the city and have just fallen head over heels for the south side. I'm meeting some more interesting people and learning more about myself/who I am than I knew I could. It's just- different. But, change is good. So- I relish.

I shall be in New Jersey all week (and I will get to go to NYC and Philly while there). So, please feel free to give me a, if you are reading this, I most likely miss you, and- although I enjoy the people I work with, 24 hours a day for five days straight, including travel time in the van- it's a lot. Heck, I don't even want to spend 24 hours a day with myself half the time.

Well, off to see a play in downtown pittsburgh. Supporting friends and such. Hope to hear from you (friends) soon.


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ThreeGraces said...

Thanks for the calls from NYC. Was it awesome? Ohhh how I wish I was there, too!