Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i am one very happy woman right now.

i won't be blogging again for a few days to expand on this.

but when i do blog, i most likely won't be as happy.

oh well- happiness is conditional anyway.

hope you are all having a wonderful new year!!!

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Anonymous said...

So, I stumbled on to your blog through Rudd's which I had been encouraged to read by someone at Malone. For some reason I felt the need to read all of it, well the first page and I have to say it made me cry (happy/sad/worried) undefinable tears. I hope you know that there are people who know you will do great things and pray for you often. Happiness may be a condition but it's not a bad thing. to bad I can't come up with some great pastorly pearls of wisdom for you.

J. Humble