Thursday, February 10, 2005

i've tried to post about four times in the past few weeks, and every time, the computer freezes. let's hope this isn't a fifth...

well, dave is in training. a long plane flight away and an hour ahead of schedule than me. which helps if we want to talk in the morning for a brief second, because he usually is getting up around 430 or 500 his time while i'm usually getting up around 530 or 600 mine. ha, my time...what a concept.

i guess...i wrote happiness is conditional because i was thinking more along the lines of joy being a fruit of the spirit and happiness being a fruit/thorn of the flesh (albeit one that i highly enjoy as much as possible).

still at saltworks. still love working with the kids. starting to get a good smack across the face though about working in theater. i know in theory most people are petty jerks most of the time- i know i can, in fact, be one of those people- even though i try not to be, i am not always successful at my endeavors.

i kind of wish that i wasn't working with Christians though. because, although believers and non-believers alike gossip and dislike me as well as praise me and enjoy my company- usually non-believers make a choice as to which they'd prefer to think of me and don't hide it from me- laying the cards out on the table, so to speak. just, tired of the politics at this particular place for now and ready to move on to another one, with different politics, and so on and so forth...perhaps i'm more of a nomad than i'd ever care to admit. being a pack rat and a nomad is kind of difficult though...i'm going to have to work through this.

i want to work with kids this summer. i also want to make money and be able to save up and pay off loans, at the same time. impossible? maybe. but i'm going to try any way. i've been very tempted to look in to cruise ship work. i won't divulge why on here, for fear that there will then be a mad dash to all cruise ships employers, but it's been a serious consideration as of late.

i've been struggling with my faith and frustrations a lot lately. I'm understanding more about how life can be a fabric of faithfulness and it's been helping to re-read things from mal-one, especially capstone stuff and comm. stuff, and a lot of stuff from theater classes. i hope to impart some of those blessing on the world, in some way, some day.

well, i am at the library and have to run errands now before stores start to close. and i want to watch cinderella tonight. ah, the love affair with disney, cartoons, and judy garland and the andrews sisters continues...

may this note find you living in unseen hope.

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