Thursday, March 24, 2005

hey. not much to say, really. i just haven't written in a while and felt obligated.

obligation. hmm....interesting word.

my struggles of late have been trying to sift through my priorities and my obligations, trying to make them match in a way that allows me to grow as kristy, and not just as "friend" or "girlfriend" or "daughter" or "Christian" or "actress". i've never really done this before, in all reality. see, i've always had these amazing people in my life who would do all of these things for me. so, now i am trying to learn how to own myself, and my own being as a part of this World.

in Pitt. 'till August. Maybe longer...depends on the job situation. after Saltworks, i have no idea what i want to do.

i've gathered a good number of pen pals over the past few months. it makes me feel a whole lot of things to continue writing with a 13 or 14 year old. jealousy- over the unassumed simplicity of youth. thankfulness- that i am not so sheltered any more. dispair- over not being sheltered so much any more. more. more. more. but i don't feel so inclined to write about that now.

or much of anything. i feel a need for silence for a little while, at least, here. so, i welcome any and all contact- but i am not promising an expedient reply. but lack of reply doesn't mean lack of love. in fact- the waiting, is still the way to hear God whisper "I Love You." not that i am trying to make you hear God's whisper. but i am not making any promises right now, either.

hope this finds you re-listening to the sounds of silence.

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ThreeGraces said...

Hey sweetheart. Thought of you today ... so I checked out the blog. I don't update mine... haven't even looked at it since November. But Lonette said I should update and make it a place for my former students to ask me questions now that they have been thrust into the real world. So, maybe I'll update it soon. Anyhoozy, miss you shmoozy!