Monday, June 27, 2005

i'm going to miss being able to see jason c. at random times. every meeting time i've had with him post-graduation (and before really) has been such an adventure- i've highly highly enjoyed.

he's going in to the navy. dave is leaving for iraq within hours i can count without much effort.

and i am again overextending myself. i thought it would be harder to do outside of the college world. but it's just as easy. my new vice is distance. stage managing a show in cleveland while living and working in the pittsburgh area cannot be an intelligent choice. so why did i make it? i still feel called.

what are spare moments? thinking about that seems that they [spare moments] are moments that i set aside for me-time that i choose instead to usually give to others, or at least not give to something for personal gain- like, reading a book in the park, or stopping by just to give a tired friend a hug, or staying awake just a little bit longer and listening to someone who needs to get it out.

i don't know how many spare moments i have left in me right now, or this week.

this isn't one of them. i should be in bed.

and the shoulds and the actually's collide.

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