Sunday, June 05, 2005

well, first bachelorette party under my belt. it's a good thing i drove myself, otherwise i would have had a lot more to drink.

i like still being friends with people i went to middle school with. even if i don't like youngstown at all.

rascal flats should have had the theme song for the night.

why do guys in bars think "you should hang out at the holiday inn" is a good pick up line? is there an honest thought that i am going to say "ooh baby yeah i bet the holiday inn has so many things to do like you"? instead, i say "what's there to do there?" and then, the wonderful girls say, "ooh we are leaving now!" and i say, as i walk away "nice to meet you anyway".

i don't wanna get married for a long long time. well, semi-long time. like, multiple years, but maybe not double digits worth of years.

i want to dance.

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