Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Victor Turner.

Modern god of defining what "liminality" is. (i bow down).

and i got to discuss him and his wonderful ideas briefly in cultural anthropology monday.

Let's pause for a second to realize how unbelievably FLOORED i am in doing this.

(very much so).

Interestingly enough, we are talking about this as we discuss Rites of Passage and Religion and Culture.

a quick recap of Monday:

"during a state of liminality, one person or group is free from the confines of one's designated role, liberated from normal social constraints and may form strong bonds from all levels of society/walks of life- free from the structures that normally separate."


"liminality and communities-- Turner links liminality (being in a state of) with creativity and notes that prophets and artists tend to be liminal/marginal (on the outer boundaries of society) people who strive to rid themselves of structure and role playing."


"structural life would become mechanical if not for periodically being immerged in the regenerative abyss of communities."

I can't even begin to say how Monday night's class was like a church service for me. Which is probably good, because I haven't been to church in ten days.

And I couldn't help but think of all of the Malone-ites (myself included) who are obsessed with the *idea/concept* of liminality. And I wonder if all of these other people who are as obsessed with the idea of IT as I am feel like they are bound by structures and role-playing much more than they would like to be. I feel like there is this perception of who "I am" that I must play the part for so much of the time.

In other great news, I am so blessed to have had the weekend I just did. Thanks to all who were a part of it. And now I will crawl back under the covers and cough myself to sleep.


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Ang said...

I saw your comment on my brother Redbaerd's blog and followed it to your profile. Some of your interests and self-descriptions sounded a lot like me. As I was reading your blog....I was thinking, 'she sounds like someone who has probably read or would enjoy reading "Girl Meets God"'....and then I saw that you did. Of all the books I read this summer, that was by far my favorite and most thought provoking.
Your desire for community and liminal living and the mention of Rites of Passage and Religion & Culture all reminded me of lauren winner's reflections in her book.

what kind of degree are you working towards at malone?
i enjoyed reading your's always fun to 'get to know' the people that live in Andrew's world....he's too far away from me.

Anonymous said...

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