Sunday, February 12, 2006

GO STEELERS!!! so joyous about the outcome of the super-duper bowl!

even MORE joyous because i got to watch it with my man.

hence the absence of my presence (sp?) in the blog community. when you haven't seen someone for seven months, the reason being because they are in freakin' IRAQ, that tends to take precedence.

have no fears...i am still alive and well, and rather enjoying relaxing with my man in pittsburgh.

starting to get serious about the job search in the pittsburgh area--
so if anyone knows of jobs that pay decently in the area, feel free to let me know. interviews never hurt anyone!

not much to write about right now. ill be back in week or so with a real update.

and my new addiction to myspace.... ah. is the new place to be.

hope this finds you as well as the super bowl champs and better! *sighs of contentment and joy*


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Enjoyed a lot! » »