Thursday, March 02, 2006

yes, yes, it's true...

I'm Engaged!

(We're Engaged!!!)

I shall in the somewhat near future marry the Love of my life. and I am looking forward to many years of laughter, fights, miscommunication, understanding, grace, learning experiences, and Love.

check him out @ (my page) under friends...Dave is the name, most amazing fiance ever is the game! He's the one in Iraq right now...

sorry so short, folks. just busy working, looking for a job in pittsburgh, and planning a wedding.

reading Blue Like Jazz still and loving it.

reflecting on sacrifice as Lent begins today.

being humbled into remembering it's not about me...or what i do.

blessed by those who surround me with the Love and support/encouragement/kindness.

hope this finds you in a place of contentment, but not too comfortable.

~grace and peace


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