Sunday, April 30, 2006

i just saw united 93 last night. i don't really have words for it yet. it's a lot...

but i think it was right for me to see. it's too easy to forget. it's too easy for our country to push the reality of nearly five years ago to the back of our proverbial minds.

i don't know if it's right for you or not. i can't make that call. but, like reading anything by brennan manning or lauren winner, i was shaken to my core- so much so that my entire body was trembling, convulsing, as tears rolled down my face in a torrential downpour during the two hours sitting in the dark theater. i left changed, reminded, humbled, amazed, angry, very sad...with my heart ripped open once again as i saw an example, a horrific example of the capabilities of humanity, of doctrine personified.

perhaps the crusades were no different than jihad, but neither is right. i think my fiance said it best: "no one really wants war. but it's a reality that can't be ignored." to what lengths do we go? to what lengths should we go?

just as college taught me...i know less now than than i did before.