Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Just to begin, with an apology. I know my admiring fans have waited with baited breath and hook for this forthcoming blog for *gasp* over two weeks. And now, it has arrived (the red curtain parts and the spot light shines down on the bare stage, kind of like when the enthymeme is introduced). So, at what I do worst, I laptop has disconnected me from the internet in my dorm room, and I am now merrily perched in front of the computer at my parent's house, awaiting the day our nation celebrates gluttony (which is thankfully not the way my church celebrates the day). Either way, I love jellied cranberry sauce and my grandma's gracy over turkey cooked three different ways and my cousin's wedding soup. *yumm* Okay, now I sound highly gluttonous (if that's a word). I feel this proverbial need to fill people in on my life. Like you, dear adoring fan. Well, I'll try to make this as brief as humanly possible...I went to St. Louis. And that was GRRRRRRRRRREAT. Really, though. It was such a blessing to spend that time with the debate team. I <3 Bemis, Clifton, Josiah, Scott, Joe, Blodgett, and of course Andrea. The 13 hour van ride with Joel, Karen, Audrey, and Ann...nothing has been more frustrating or hilarious all at once in my life up to this point. Ann became Gracie Allen with the funny noises she was making, laughing and crying so hard. Karen got to sight see...Audrey didn't quite know how to handle us but laugh and sing along with show tunes, and Joel tolerated our incessant labeling of him as Amazon or backwoods or mountain climber Joel. Ann was crying because she was laughing so hard...of course, only when traffic was at a dead standstill because a trucker fell asleep at the wheel and his rig full of pig fat *yes folks, I said pig fat...hmph* and 70 west was closed for five miles through Terre Haute took THREE hours to go FIVE miles. Something is so not right with that detour. Anyhow, more gold-painted cheap plastic was championed, wahoo.

Okay, so it's not that winning isn't this goal of mine. It's just so SUBJECTIVE with forensics. And in the end, I'd rather learn how to improve and understand how people truly communicate than have a bunch of trophies.

And Tech is in full swing for Sanders Family Christmas and I LOVE THAT CAST. It's really one of the best casts I've ever been a part of, and I'm not even *fully* a part of the cast. It's over half sold out for all shows at this fact, the way ticket sales were going, I'd venture to say that it's over that at this point. It's funny, a good time, etc. It's cool that we (that includes all technical staff) can create the atmosphere of a small church in the 1940's. And I have a pine cone on my coat that might take someone's eye out if they're not careful *winks*

Okay, so I have all of these THINGS that I would love to blog about. Like, I watched CSI tonight and the it moved and became largely the narrator...but most people probably wouldn't even pick that up.

And again, so many conversations as of late about how I DESPISE that women who are nearing or over 30 that aren't married are pitied or looked at as a lesbian or any other number of things. I cannot stand that!!! I know this is kind of dorky, but what the hey, so am I...this actually was tripped in my mind by an episode of The Nanny last night...her mother is always on her about getting married. So maybe it's this Jewish thing that the show plays up on as a stereotype. But is that it? I could make arguments for both a yes and no, but either way, I can't deny that culture, American as apple pie culture, has played a part in this view. This is both Hollywood and right winged staunch Christianity and everything in between. If a woman isn't married, she is too often portrayed as one who's been wronged, or the wild child that needs tamed, or happily single but sleeping around, etc...has anyone seen a woman portrayed as happily and joyfully single by choice? If you have, please please please let me know! is the address.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. And I should be working on homework...that ever-looming dark cloud. And I want to finish my hot chocolate which I can't do while typing. So, farewell, loyal readership. I hope to hear from you soon (anyone else waiting for the final movie of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy? I may have a countdown starting up real soon...)


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