Monday, June 07, 2004

A bit of a change of pace from the past few weeks maybe?

I know at least *3* "film" people read I am asking you to please please please please (yes I am begging) take a moment or two and give me some suggestions for films that have *good* (read: Andrew Rudd speak: great) dialogue in them...either between two dynamic characters or throughout with many or one character.

Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Another note...
I still love and miss you all.

And so it is...just like you said it would be......time goes easy on me...most of the time.

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Redbaerd said...

i'm thinking...

it'll take awhile...b/c in summer i'm not paid to think...:-)~

of course i'm a huge fan of all the richard linklater films in the dialogue department -- but NOT because its snappy and slick dialogue -- but because of the depth of the conversation & the realism of the dialogue:

Before Sunrise
Waking Life (really philosophy, not dialogue)

Linda Seger (screenwriting guru) recommends James Brooks as a great dialogue writer... Broadcast News...

Woody Allen -- writes very quirky, but very "realistic" dialogue -- Annie Hall is the classic.

in general -- plays are much better to read for good dialogue than film, the principle is -- if you can say it ANY WAY OTHER THAN DIALOGUE -- do so.

Oh yeah, my other favorite dialogue writer -- who has a quirky combination of realism and heightened storytelling...

Noah Baumbach --

Kicking & Screaming / Mr. Jealousy / (the upcoming) Life Aquatic