Thursday, June 24, 2004

i just want this waiting to be over...

i wanted to talk today
about everything and nothing at all.
i didn't know where to start.

so, i was handed another script as i walked in to work.
and i had to say what was there.
i think i hate that.

words, being put in to my mouth.
but this time, i get paid for it.

i don't think i've ever been a part of something

but, if this is the most unethical thing i've ever been a part of...
i guess i'm not doing too bad.

i want to quit.
i am on the hunt for a job that i can work at
make money
at least,
enough to save up some for the moving out thing,
and still sleep well at night with.

quitting is such a dirty word.

well, the 730 am wake up call beckons me...
a "final" in my dance class tomorrow.
at least this time it's on stuff that i know a *little* bit more about.

if you know of any job openings in or around the youngstown area...
let me know.

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