Monday, May 09, 2005

my 84 year old grandmother (in response to a goodbye and behave yourself because you've still got a few hours left of your birthday from my dad)...

"well, at my age, you don't really need to say that. although (pause for a moment of deep thought) i do wish i had someone because i'd like to see what sex was like"

oh yes. i guess, i gotta get it from somewhere (the bluntness that is).

rachel yamagata will be playing at mr. smalls funhouse this friday! still not sure if i'm going...

i had my first pf changs experience friday. it was, typical, for a chain restaurant, minus that whole plate of food falling on me as a waiter dropped a tray of food directly behind me. no harm done, i was just a little surprised...i never quite expect a plate to smack me in the back and then shatter on the floor behind me in a place of food-getting. but, i did get my sweet and sour chicken and hot tea that came in a really cool french press tea pot for free.

i feel a bit more together every day, and i think it's because i realize more every day how much not-together i am. the honesty is freeing. i am regaining my confidence, and my sassiness. it disappeared for a while, or at least it was hibernating (damn northeastern winters). another reason to move someplace mainly sunny.

i think our souls change in the winters around here. i think we become more of who we would like to not be out of sheer desparation and boredom. there's not much to do that doesn't involve five layers of clothing besides sit around and talk...and it seems that there aren't too many people that can do that/want to do that about much besides yeungling, the steelers, and other non-related gossip.

i think my soul might die a little bit each winter. at least, when the winters are so long. so is my joy conditional? it's not supposed to be...but it probably is.

i want to pet my dog.

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