Wednesday, September 28, 2005


preponderant (having superior weight, force, or influence or having greater prevalence) influence or authority over others: DOMINANT

we talked about this in my cultural anthropology class today. in relation to worldviews, and how cultures clash- it does often seem that this may be the case.

it's like-- when a certain worldview is held by the majority, it is taken for granted that all other worldviews are measured and stacked up against it, in some kind of odd comparison competition where minority worldviews and judged and are not given a real voice to be heard.

along the lines of ethnocentrism.

so, is Christianity ethnocentric? because, if a Christian believes what he or she believes to be true is infallible or absolute truth, isn't that lending towards a predisposition to judge and condemn? does absolute truth than lead to a weak witness lacking love, compassion, empathy, and dare i say possibly even justice?

Romans 12-- i forget the verse. but, Paul writes that we are not to repay evil with evil, and that "vengeance is mine" says the Lord. we should rejoice with those who are happy, and mourn with those who are sad.

the belief system of Christianity then must walk a fine line, and how often i fail this! how often i pray in hindsight for a safety net to catch me as i plumet once again. the idea to Love, and to leave judgement to the believe in Him as eternal and absolute truth as a triune God who offers unending grace, mercy, and above all else, Love, through acceptance of the atoning sacrificial third of the triune, the Son, as the only means to get to Heaven...i keep thinking it's heavy stuff. so simple, and yet it seems so complicated- to easy to fathom?

so how can i better respect other belief systems, love those who hold them, and still acknowledge to an audience of One (and to boldly proclaim) that he is the only way, truth, life?

i know the proverbial safety net can't wear out. but how can i try to use it less, lest i abuse the grace and mercy given to me?

i seem to have a lot of questions tonight.

i am unbelievably blessed with friends that surround me, near and far. how am i blessed, wherever i go, to be given these gifts of friendship? and true friendship, even if it changes as i or another moves on elsewhere? i am eternally, forever, unbelievably, thankful. and that comma was more of a sela, to pause and reflect on each adjective.


katiesams said...

Took a break at work today to read your blog. I find your voice hauntingly and refreshingly beautiful. I am buoyed up to continue data entry. I hope you are well. peace, My Friend.

Anonymous said...

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