Sunday, May 02, 2004

so this is probably going to be somewhat short, as i am evidentally in the midst of a "busy" day doing nothing and everything all at once...and i love it.

so this whole graduation thing is looming closer and closer. and it scares me, but excites me all at once. don't get me wrong-- i LOVE malone, and all that has happened here...i wouldn't be who i am today without this amazing experience of the past four years...but i just want to get the h*** out of here.

i'll miss the relationships more than anything...the community. ha...i started to talk about it in our senior capstone today and i started crying. so that was a fun time. i just...i haven't felt this many emotions at once in a long while. is the rest of life going to be like this? to feel like this?

i won't here back from saltworks until late june. i'm kind of curious...a bit impatient.

so i am supposed to go home for the summer...because, i go home every summer. and i guess it's the "smart" thing to do...but i don't really want to. i want to be anywhere else...i want to be somewhere that i have a community that i am a part of. and i don't have that at home. at my parents home. i don't know...i want to stay in canton for the summer...but that just isn't smart with the whole, not having a place, not knowing about saltworks yet...not having a definite job yet.

i want to go to nyc with brian and a bunch of people to see chorale perform in st. patricks. any takers? it'll be a fun time............

okay, i think i will be heading to froggy's (because, it is froggy's and not "the cafe" stupid is that?) to watch a movie with some people.

saw kill bill today...vol. 1 now i want to see vol. 2 but i'm kinda apprehensive.

i wrote a funny scene with a lot of wordplay on shit. let me know if you'd like to read. oh wait...i don't know how to do the "comments" thing. man i suck at this...failing at life lalalala....that is my song for the day.

okay, now really. i'm out.

haha. just kidding. the showcase was amazing. thanks to any and all who participated and partook in any way...i can't begin to tell you how much it is appreciated!!!!

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