Saturday, August 07, 2004

And then you wonder: which was better? burning or bleeding?

I suppose this is another one of those "rhetorical" questions...

But I do still wonder (isn't that the point?).

I suppose the more I think about it- my mind keeps wandering back to the intent of a person. To "get" burned...some force outside yourself is in play...or some force within your self that you would rather not acknowledge.

So when some thing or person burns you because of love- in the most undiluted sense of the word/action- than I would rather burn for all my life than bleed.

But when a burning happens out of the sin of man kind- my veins would rather run dry.

And yet- aren't most people well-intentioned to their own [limited] knowledge? That would be...not saying that humans are/not intrinsically "good" vs. "evil", but most have "good" intentions?

So, that being said...I still wrestle with the well-intentioned demons that confuse my every step.

Evangelicals who will carry signs at the funeral of a person who lived a homosexual lifestyle yelling of Hell and damnation.

Paris Hilton and her life.

Random adults asking me if I am dating anyone.

My father's recommendations of how to wash the dishes.

The "contemporary" church's need for a media-infused service.

...Granted, these are all on different planes of life. But- I suppose, I would hope that the intentions of any one of these "do-ers" is, in some way, good.

So, how many people have I hurt so far today?

"I can't believe I gave a dork my underware"

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