Saturday, August 28, 2004

it's official.

for the next 12 months, i am a resident of Pittsburgh. Cranberry Township, to be more precise. if it's less than twelve months, i have to fork over about two grande-- so, i'm thinking it's going to be for the solid year.

j. davies helped me move today and i could not have done it without her. i also don't think i could have ever laughed so hard while moving couches, dressers, and other very heavy objects.

brian called me from malone today...he's moved back in, and he's with friends for the evening, celebrating a wonderful guy's birthday (i think it's 21 so it'll be a late night). it was a little sad-- hearing all of those people who are still "together" in a way that i won't experience this year with a "live-in" community.

it's kind of a hard balance- because there are people still at malone that i want to keep in touch with because of who they are and not where they are....but i want this clean "break" from one chapter of my life to another that can never happen...damnit. too bad my life is not a clearly divided novel. but even most novels nowadays seem to just kind of end a paragraph and start another with a different numbered heading.

although, technically, i am still a malone student. stupid ysu didn't send my transcripts until too late for everything to finalize before the august 20 grad. date, so i won't be getting my diploma until december now. so, i'll probably still be in the phiz with that horrible picture. eh, who cares???

i have a mix of gavin degraw and dashboard confessional running through my mind. hmm.

my body hates me right now for all of the moving i've done today. so i think i will try to sleep. with all of these thoughts flying and spinning through my head. ha. this should be interesting.

cause i just found someone special,
and that's really something special
if you knew me,
nice to meet you, anyway

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