Monday, July 19, 2004

so, i wrote another wonderful blog and for yet another stupid reason, my computer froze.
it was truly wonderful, as i was (at the time) tripped up on vicodin. i say "up" because, although vicodin is, generally, a muscle relaxer, it evidentally has reverse effects on me. in case you're wondering...the vicodin is a result of getting my wisdom teeth removed this friday past. so, vicodin makes me bounce off walls and not able to sleep. but boy oh boy does it do a saucy little tap dance all over what could be pain in my physical self.
so, i had a wonderful little date night with amanda s. thurs, just pre-surgery. we think too too much alike sometimes...but it cracks my bones! we were both the exact same amount of minutes late (within a 2 minute grace) we both had thank you cards from months before that we had forgotten to get to each other...and we can understand the meaning of the phrase "anal retentive" without explanation. yep, that word is still looking pretty dirty when it's typed out.
we saw king arthur (i think i spelled that wrong) and it was pretty good...although i was absolutely full of homesickness for the motherland, aka Ireland, where large amounts of the film were shot.
the film ends with this unneccesary line...the kind that i hate. don't worry- i won't be spoiling the movie for anyone. but...a character (in voice over) says "we were fighting for...freedom" and then, of course, the symphony of music comes to a climactic swell and the lights come up and you realize once again that you are in a row of poorly upholstered theater seats with a bunch of shared strangers. (more on that concept later).
so, amanda and i start discussing freedom. and what it means to be free...particularly as citizens of the USA today. as "americans" (yeah, i know, we think too much...greatest strength, greatest and we had some really great thoughts, and conversation...but i can't remember it all right now. i do remember though, that we spoke about the deconstruction of the community that could be built but currently isn't because of the general ignorance of the american public in regards to mass media...this idea of freedom as to what someone else has told us, and we always believe the someone else's of the world to know the truth. so, there's the rather large generation that is becoming more and more aware of the world that they live in, but only in snap shots-- only from these limited view points...and without much research to find out otherwise. i hope that makes sense.
brian is home! as big a smile as i can muster without saying "ow" too much.
that's all i have to say about that. for this moment, i value my privacy. i value curling up in a large soft robe and shutting the doors to the computer world and enjoying my life without letting the world see what it is that i am doing.
i still miss my friends.
i still can't believe i'm moving in about six weeks.
i still am human. there i go again...messing things up.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sweet pea. Glad to hear you are enjoying the drug-induced recovery. I'm back home from the trip and wishing to see you. SNORT! from the other O.