Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I keep thinking about *things* that transition you in to a new phase of your life. Or *things* that transition relationships in your life to a new phase.

What brought this on was (surprise) a conversation with Andrew Rudd. It was, as always, a rewarding time of shared-stories, but there was something a bit different about it...I couldn't quite put my finger on it...but when the conversation/story sharing was coming to an end, Andrew aka "Oh Great One" got out of his chair and hugged my farewell.

I know, it's nothing huge. It's a very simple gesture (and according to quite a few people, one that I offer too often). And it was...but it wasn't. It was like I moved a bit more out of the liminal doorway on to a side of richer and more meaningful relationship. Now, I'm not making judgement calls on student-teacher relationships and what they should or shouldn't be (or could/n't)...I'm simply saying that for me, knowing that I am going inch by inch in to new areas that are uncharted in my life, it was a tangible example of all of these uncertanties. Boy do I miss Lynn and Andrew...if either are reading, please know that! And thanks for a tangible example.


When things are changing...oh this is going to sound unbelievably cliche...but it's from Calvin and Hobbes (a nod to Marcia, perhaps?) "Day by day nothing seems to change, but pretty soon, everything is different." Perhaps we are just more aware of the change when it is tangible...plus and minus on both sides...but I have to say...that I like elipses...and when change is "tangible" I think- I know- I can better appreciate it. The brokenness that comes with change that is inevitable is a wonderful thing. It makes me want to sing and dance and praise even "Sister Death" for how great Life is. I want to shout it out...

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