Sunday, July 04, 2004

sorry i've been away soooooooooooo v. long.

the wonderful world of technology in the household in which the O resides had a virus. again. but it's all good now (at least i think so).

great news:

go ahead and check it out, because it is my new place of employment!!! i will be starting there as of sept. 1 in a member of the touring company. wahooo! first "real" theater job (much excitement abounds)

also, i quit the evil empire known as infocision. i know i've said this before, but i've never been a part of something *so* unethical. much much dislike of the way that company is run.

and newsflash for those who hate hate hate telemarketers-- the only way to get them to stop calling you is to keep saying "yes, this is the person you are looking for. [thank you very much for calling but i am not interested]. please take me off of your calling list now. thanks!" if you don't say that you are the person they are looking for and ask specifically to be taken off of their list, you will not be taken off. i know- shady. so that's your best bet. unless, of course, you like getting phone calls at inconvenient times (which the person on the phone has no control over by the way). okay, enough about that.

and i got a new job that pays two dollars more an hour and they only need me for like six or seven weeks. which works out wonderfully with the whole moving to pittsburgh thing. p.s. if anyone wants to help out with the whole kristy moving in to her first place of her own thing, let me know. and dear friends and familial members in my communities of life that share the stories i am a part of-- that are *mine* (ha) are always always always welcome to visit!

okay...i've never seen cool hand luke. so i rented it. and i want to watch it. so i had best go do so. hope all is well! sorry i haven't been in great contact without the e-mail access. please, send a note my way.

oh yeah! also-- early-mid august, there will be a bonfire sleepover/camp out at my parents country dwelling. and if you read this, i know that i want you to be there. even if i don't know that you read this. send an email my way (or leave it in the comments section) mmmmk. that's all for now. cool hand luke beckons seductively.

peace yo<><

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