Sunday, July 11, 2004

went to akron christian reformed church today.

i hadn't been there since i went with linda and chancels nearly two years ago. and i was refreshed in remembering why it was such a *blessed* experience.

a different way to look at grace (as we looked at the passage in Luke 10 dealing with the parable of the good Samaritan through a new/different lens)....

being wounded by the side of the road and allowing Jesus to pick you up and bind up your wounds- to make you clean (see also Psalm 51 and Hosea 6).

i was reminded again of how very prideful i am.

i feel like i have to clean myself up before i can go to God with anything. like, i have to have on the best suit and the right make-up/hair/shoes/accesories for an upscale office interview because i know that my resume isn't really all that great in and of itself. and i know that in and of myself, alone, i am worthless. but despite the self that i am, even through all of the ways that i continually screw up...God can use me.

if only i would realize that more.

"let my pride fall down/i'm a little man..."

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